June 15th-16th 2019

When your partner gets injured, you rappelled past the anchor, or the terrain is simply too hard, having a handful of tricks up your sleeve could make the difference between having a small misadventure or a call-for-a-rescue epic. In this clinic you will learn and practice the skills to get you and your climbing partner to safety when your multi-pitch doesn’t go as planned.

This 2-day will cover a variety of rescue techniques, including:

  • Mastery of ATC guide or Reverso (or other tube-style locking belay devices) – They are useful for SO MUCH MORE than just belaying!
  • Load transfers – belay escape, passing a knot, unweighting a stuck haul bag, etc.
  • Rope ascension
  • Rappels – preventing things from going wrong and what to do when things do go wrong.
  • Hauling systems
  • Other scenarios you’ve encountered!

This in an intermediate/advanced level clinic. Prerequisites: multi-pitch experience (sport or trad), including the ability to build an equalized anchor, belay from above and set-up a rappel without coaching.

If you have them, please bring: Harness, helmet, approach shoes and/or comfy climbing shoes, ATC guide (or other locking tube-style belay device), 5 locking carabiners, a double length sling, ~15’ of 7mm cordelette, ~3’ of 6mm cordelette or hollow block (for rappel back-up).

Cost: $360

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Meet Your Instructor

Josie McKee Climbing with Style

Josie McKee

Professional Climber | Wilderness EMT | NOLS Rock Instructor | B.A. in Human Development | Yoga Teacher

Enlivened by movement, inspired by wild places, and curious to see what’s possible, Josie finds herself continuously drawn to the adventure, challenge and presence of mind that only climbing can provide. As a professional climber with over 20 years of experience, Josie has put up first ascents around the globe, holds big wall and alpine speed records and has done expeditions in the US, Patagonia, Mexico and the Himalaya. She has worked on the elite Yosemite National Park Search and Rescue team (YOSAR), guided around the US and internationally, and currently teaches wilderness medicine and climbing workshops nationwide.