Wilderness First Responder Recertification

                         March 16-18th, 2019


The Open Recertification course is open to graduates of any wilderness-based first aid training course that was at least 64 hours long and completed within 3 years of the proposed recertification option. Successful graduates of this course will receive Wilderness Medical Associates’ Wilderness First Responder, Anaphylaxis, and BLS/Healthcare Provider-level CPR certifications. WMA WEMT graduates with a current EMT-B or Paramedic certificate may also recertify the wilderness portion of their WEMT with this course.

**If you are using this course to recertify a WMA WEMT if is your responsibility to let the sponsor know when registering, and to inform the instructor on the first day of class.*




Course Location:

Lone Pine Lion’s Club- located behind McDonalds on Main St.




This is a fast paced course with 3 full 9 hour days of class and some pre-course work to be completed.  Expect some classroom and mostly outside, hands-on practice.  All participants must attend 100% of class and appropriately demonstrate all skills to be eligible to pass.


There are many options in and outside of Lone Pine, but these are all within easy walking distance from our classroom.

 Whitney Portal Hostel offers separate male and female rooms from $30.

 The Dow Villa has affordable private rooms with an outdoor hot tub to enjoy the view of the mountains.

Portagee Joe’s Campground has pit toilets, potable water, picnic tables and fire rings for $14.


To keep costs as low as possible, food is not included in the price of the course. Lunch breaks lasting between 45 minutes and an hour will be scheduled each day. There are several food options within a few blocks of the classroom, and our classroom is equipped with a kitchen (sink, stovetop/oven, microwave) that is available for student use. Students are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean.

What to Bring:

Come prepared with adequate clothing for the weather and time of year. (There can be large swings in temperature this time of year) We will be outside (rain or shine) during the day/evening (bring a headlamp). All students need a watch (not a cell phone) with the ability to read seconds for assessing vital signs. Bring paper, pens/pencils and highlighters as needed. Students must have a pair of sturdy closed-toed shoe to where during drills. Each student is required to bring one full set of old clothing that may be used during a first aid simulation. The clothes will be cut up, thrashed, mangled and stained (there will be bush whacking). Please bring pants, shirt, etc. that will be sufficient to keep you warm for long periods of time while lying on the ground without insulation. Students should also bring a good sized (45L+) personal backpack and any other personal equipment they would like to use during a simulation. Bring previous course books and study materials.

Custodial Responsibilities:

Students are expected to pitch in to keep our learning environments clean and organized. This includes monitoring trash and recycling, organizing tables and chairs, doing your dishes, etc. We strive towards minimizing our impact as much as possible. Bring insulated mugs instead of disposable cups, etc.

Link to Course Materials: